The Hairless Dog

April 16, 2009

Do dogs just seek me out? I was fixing my fence that had been tagged over the weekend when a dog walked up and stared at me. He has less than half his hair, isn’t neutered, has several sores and is underweight. Dammit.

I’d seen him in the neighborhood over a week ago—but at that time he wanted nothing to do with me. Well, not yesterday. Yesterday, I was his best friend. He gladly let me put a leash on him, feed and water him, and put him in the garage.

After about an hour, I went out to check on him and he’d busted out of the garage (if you saw my crappy-ass garage, you’d see just how easy that would be). I walked down the street and found him and he happily followed me back home. I put him in a crate in the garage, gave him more food, a treat and a Benedryl and went to bed—thinking about what I’d do in the morning.

Well, morning came and I decided to take him to my vet. If mange was his only issue (and likely heartworms) and he was young, I’d treat him and try to find him a home. If he was an old dog and had a long list of ailments, I decided I’d put him down and end what must be pure agony.

Well, other than being extremely unattractive, he’s a nice boy and young and in pretty OK shape. He has demodectic mange, which I’ve read about but don’t really have experience with. So the vet is treating his mange and hanging on to him for now.

He looks like he’s probably mostly black with white feet. He’s tall and maybe a lab/pit mix, but even the vet couldn’t tell. Because of the hair loss, he just looks like a really wrinkly, old fart dog. We’ll see how he progresses.


Poodles on the Loose!

November 17, 2007

I almost backed over two little white poodles pulling out of my driveway Friday morning. The little monsters were running and playing and had no interest in getting caught. I alerted my neighbors through the homeowners association email list–just in case these little pups belonged to someone.

It was so nice to get responses from other concerned neighbors! It seems that several people were on the lookout for them or concerned about their well being.

After work, I took Wrigley for a walk, hoping to spot the Poodles. No luck.

Saturday morning, I decided to make a loop around the park, near the last spot the dogs were spotted. I was in luck! There they were, sleeping under a tree. I was expecting a chase or at least a lot of coaxing, but the let me leash them up and load them into the car–no problem!

After a nap, we went to the vet. We have a male (Clyde) and a female (Bonnie). They’re covered with fleas, but otherwise in OK shape. Clyde is light heartworm positive, but that’s treatable. Neither are fixed. Of all of the animals I’ve rescued, I think only one has been fixed.

I’ll spend the evening contacting Poodle and other small dog rescue to see if I can get these guys placed in a nice foster organization. In the mean time, I hear them snoring. Happy dogs.

More to come about these two…

Bonnie and Clyde lounging