And they have new names! Clyde is now Tugboat and Bonnie is now Sundae. See their before photos. Wow, did they ever get an extreme makeover. Poodle Rescue of Houston did a very nice job.


Thank You Poodle Rescue

November 19, 2007

Poodle Rescue of Houston is awesome! The were willing to take in Bonnie and Clyde, clean them up (boy did they need it!), groom them, have them spayed/neutered, treat the little boy for heartworms, and find them loving homes! (I told the director I’d make a donation to cover their them spay/neuter.)

I dropped them off yesterday and they’ve already been given a bath. Poor things have been so flea bitten and neglected over such a long period of time. Their skin is a mess. The director said Clyde could be a poodle or a Bischon and Bonnie is probably a poodle/terrier mix.

Here are some pics from before their extreme makeover. I should be getting another pic once they’ve been all coiffed.

Clyde Looking SweetClyde looking sweet

Bonnie Smiling Bonnie’s all smiles