Paying for sick and injured animals can be very expensive. This page includes links to organizations offering funding or financing for sick or injured animals. Scroll down. It’s a long list. It includes general funding, breed-specific help, disease-specific help, and ways to raise your own funds.

General Assistance
American Animal Hospital Association Helping Pets Fund

Angels4Animals–for pet guardians who find themselves in difficult financial situations

Brown Dog Foundation–financial assistance for veterinary emergencies and the treatment of chronic conditions

The Capers & Chris Save the Animals Fund–funding up to $1000 to help treat a small animal at TAMU vet school

CareCredit–credit card for healthcare services for people and pets

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program–for cats only

The Gracie Foundation–“red cross for dogs” in need; offers financial assistance to any properly licensed not-for-profit companion animal groups with a focus of rescuing dogs

HandicappedPet Help Fund–support for elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets

HandiPets Haven–postings for animals in need

Help-A-Pet–veterinary assistance for low income individuals

HomeAgain Lost Pet Medical Insurance

IMOM–financial help with non-routine veterinary care

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners–Veterinary Care Partnership Program emergency veterinary fund to provide financial aid to U.S. IAADP Partner Members whose assistance dogs require high cost veterinary intervention beyond their ability to pay

Orthodogs’ Silver Lining–provides access to fundraising resources and makes emergency funds available for exceptional cases

The Pet Fund–provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care

Piggers’ Pals: A Foundation of Hope–nonprofit organization that was designed to assist families in need seek specialty level care for their pets

Second Chance Fund–financial assistance to animal welfare organizations responsible for the temporary care of animals as they are prepared for adoption

Top Dog Foundation, The Bentley Grant–for owners who wants to keep their aging dog, but cannot afford procedures or medications necessary to allow for a continued quality of life. Also provides financial support to rescue organizations and shelters that have foster homes for the dogs needing care.

United Animal Nations Lifeline Grants–and other resources listed on their web site including national organizations offering assistance.

Breed-Specific Emergency Funds
Akita Rescue Fund–financial assistance to individuals and/or groups relating to emergency expenses for purebred Akitas who are abandoned, rescued, or waiting at a municipal shelter

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue, Inc. (ACDRI) financial assistance program–for persons or groups rescuing purebred Australian Cattle Dogs. This major medical assistance is available for expenses which are above and beyond the routine examination, vaccination, spay/neuter, heartworm test and intestinal parasite test expenses

Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund–financial assistance to owners of Bernese Mountain Dogs who need help when their dogs are accidentally injured or develop catastrophic medical conditions

Boxer Rescue Foundation–financial assistance for rescued Boxers while in foster care

Chow Chow Welfare Fund–financial assistance to rescue volunteers to help offset the costs of basic medical services needed to make homeless purebred Chow Chows healthy and ready for placement.

CorgiAid–financial assistance to corgis and corgi mixes that are rescued from shelters or are in other non-permanent, foster homes

Special Needs Dobermans–helps senior and special needs Dobermans

Goldstock Fund–funds to rescue organizations or individuals to pay for transportation, boarding, evaluations and medical costs of golden retrievers

PYRAMEDIC Trust–financial assistance for Great Pyrenees’ owners/rescuers in need of emergency medical care

Keeshond Sunshine Rescue Foundation–financial assistance for the medical expenses of rescued Keeshonds in foster care

LABMED–monetary assistance for emergency medical expenses for Labrador Retrievers or Lab mixes who are abandoned or rescued

Labrador Lifeline–for owners and rescuers of Labs in need of assistance

Pit Bull Rescue Central–helps pits and pit mixes in need

TSCA Rescue & Health Trust–financial assistance to those who rescue Tibetan Spaniels

WestieMed–helping rescued Westies in need of medical attention

Disease-Specific Funds
Animal Cancer Therapy Subsidization Society–provides subsidies to dedicated pet owners

Canine Cancer Awareness–financial assistance for dogs needing cancer treatment

Cats in Crisis, Crisis Care Fund–Help for cats currently up for adoption with diagnosed chronic medical conditions and newly adopted cats with chronic medical conditions

Cats in Crisis, Gillie Fund–Help for cats with neurological conditions or mobility impairment

Cats in Crisis, Mesa Fund–Help for cats with kidney disease

Cats in Crisis, Stripes Fund–Help for cats with heart and thyroid disease

Cody’s Club–offset some of the costs related to radiation performed at The Ohio State University (or any other 501C3 treating institution)

Helping Harley Fund–provides cancer treatment grants for working dogs

The Magic Bullet Fund–helps people who do not have the financial resources to provide cancer treatment for their dog

Muffin Diabetic Pets Association–support for individuals with diabetic pets

Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund–financial assistance for the advancement of health, health care, and quality of life, for companion animals

Do Your Own Fundraising
Ways you can organize a fundraiser to collect money for veterinary care:

21 Responses to “Financial Assistance for Pet Care, Emergencies”

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  4. Clint Fulk Says:

    Hello my name is Clint Fulk i have a 7 year old cattle dog and she was shot in the face by a cherokee county ga deputy sherriff because he said she was a viscious dog so i have been looking around to find someone i could get in touch with to see if i could find some help for her she has to have surgery to rebuild her lower jaw because of the damage the bullet done so if any one can help please contact me or my wife at 678 266 7184 or 770 356 6716 thank you Clint fulk and my dog KOTA BLU…

  5. Hello – we recently created Pet Chance to help pet owners who are struggling to pay for pet medical care. We’d very much appreciate a listing above so that we can find more people who need our help. Thank you!

  6. Chris Chunn Says:

    my 8 year old cock a poo has been in the hospital for a week now with sudden Kidney failure the costs are rising and Im a widow on ss I want to save her but I just can’t afford all of this is there any help to pay this.I love this small dog with all my heart.

  7. my sister ghis has a ptbull that is sick she cannot afford the dr bill is there a foundation that can help pay for the doctor bill

  8. we need financial help for our dog who got kennel cough we need to come up with the money for x rays and meds and shots could someone please help us before its to late we live in Wisconsin 53140 my number is 262-997-7479 Tina thank you please and really appreciate anyone who can help save my dog he is a pit bull /boxer mixed 1yr old

  9. sandra lynn Says:

    hello,my cat Piggy (12 yrs. old) is in the hospital at the moment because he has not eaten by himself for a few days and also vomiting. the vets says it must be because of his bad teeth, they are suggesting dental surgery which i could not afford since i am unemployed right now. thank you and greatly appreciated anyone willing to help

  10. Jerry Cook Says:

    Hello… My dog Dexter was hit by a car… He was taken to the vet by the man who hit him… and the vet won’t even begin to help him without funding. We cannot afford their price… and are desperate for assistance… We only have 19 hours before they give him to the AHS services. I am desperate to find help…. 505 340 21929

  11. Torri May Says:

    went to vet with my dog yestaday thay tolde me i need to have all the money when i bring her in i am disabeld she the dog has a big tumer with a big hole in it this is my conpanyen dog ples help her need oparaytion

  12. Torri May Says:

    and i don,t have the fund,s needed

  13. If you know of a student in their last year of vet school you might be able to get them to do surgery if you pay for the drugs. I did that and she lived another three years. You may have to do some calling around to some vet offices or maybe even some schools. They get the experience and you get your dog taken care of. Glenda

  14. Rena Young Says:

    Hi my name is rena i have a 6 yr. old pit bull . i am in need of funds to board brandy for a week while im in il. cancer treatment center for a week . I have to pay for hotel food and bus expenses while im there . I would appreciate any amount that will help pay to send her to a vets in my area for boarding . i would know she would be safe and well cared for. thank you rena

  15. my pet dog Sarah is suffering from liver cancer spread upto the spleen i find it difficult to bear her medical expenses please help me

  16. I’m from Sri Lanka Sarah is my pet dog who is suffering from liver cancer spread up to the spleen her vet doctor says that she can carry on for nearly 2 years with medical treatments, I find it difficult to bear her medical expenses please help me

  17. Dear Pet’s Friendly Society,

    Taking into account your social activity in regard of pets care, we are referring you to support us in a project, which will change the lives of many dogs, cats, and other pets.

    If you live in or visit Armenia, and keep a pet in your house, it will be too difficult for you to find amusements to pass a time with your pet.

    There are no pets-friendly cafes in Armenia at all. The only thing to do is to keep your pet at home, and visit cafes only with human beings. If friends are calling for a cup of coffee or beer, you have to leave your pet at home with somebody or alone.

    PetsHouse Café plans to open its doors toward people all over Armenia, who own, love, take care of pets.

    Our mission is to find forever homes for 110 dogs from the shelter within the first year, though we are planning to go on the same process with the homeless dogs outside the shelter as well. Our project will reinvent the way people think about pets, and lay ground a culture in Armenia to let other cafes and public places open their doors toward these lovely creatures and give them a chance to make us all happier.

    By visiting the following link, you can get acquainted with all the details, goals, basis and vision of the project:

    Thank you for considering this request. Please let me know if you need any additional information that may influence your decision to approve funding.

    Best regards and looking forward to your kind support,

    Levon and Anna

    Co-Founders of the PetsHouse Café

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