Animal CSI

February 15, 2008

There’s a vet at the ASPCA who solves crimes against pets using some of the same tools as solving crimes against people.


Mike Markarian, President of the Humane Society Legislative Fund and author of the Animals & Politics blog, is doing a series of posts about where the major presidential candidates stand on animal-related issues.

The first posting in The Presidential Files series about Mike Huckabee was disturbing. Be sure to read about his alleged family history of cruelty to animals and the suggestion that as the governor, he obstructed justice.

Markarian has also covered John Edwards.

I look forward to reading about all of the candidates.

My Husband is Learning!

November 14, 2007

I’m so proud of my husband. He saw the Humane Society’s full-page ad in USA Today urging Wendy’s to stop using eggs from chickens confined to battery cages. He said he’s seen a photo of the cages and it was awful. 

I reminded him of a time at the grocery store when I wanted to buy eggs produced by cage-free chickens and he said no, they’re too expensive. Well, he’s changed his tune now. He wants eggs from happy, free chickens.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! (Don’t tell him I said that–especially since I’m 2 years older than he is!)

I was so happy to read this story. The judge, a dog owner, sentenced a guy who threw his girlfriend’s 10-week old puppy off a third floor balcony during a fight, to five years in prison, suspended to three years with two years of probation.

Can I just say whoohoo?! It’s about time this crime was taken seriously by the courts.

Unfortunately, the little pup was severely injured and had to be euthanized. (Please don’t tell me his girlfriend is dumb enough to stay with him after that.)

In addition to being absolutely horrendous, there is a connection between animal cruelty and abuse and other crimes.