Taking Responsibility

August 5, 2009

I’m used to people asking me for help about what to do with a stray animal. I do what I can to provide resources and options.

But WTF is up with this? A woman I work with came to me “because I like dogs” to ask what her son should do with his pit bull he doesn’t want anymore. (BTW–her son is a college educated kid and she’s a professional.) Apparently the dog is chewing everything up and is about to go into heat and they can’t take it. But she added that the dog is really nice and not vicious. I told her they could take the the dog to the shelter, but she’ll likely be euthanized, if they’re OK with that. She said “You know, it’s funny, last night I took her out beyond our neighborhood and dumped her. But this morning, there she was in the driveway. Can you believe that?” Uh, yeah, I can.

I’m so mad I think I could throw up. I can’t even look at her but feel inclined to email her the definition of responsibility.

Fuck, people! Does no one have the balls to deal with the problems they create?! If you don’t provide the proper care and attention to your pets, there’s no one to blame for their behavior other than you. So that means it’s your responsibility to deal with it. And if that means you have to turn them over to a shelter, then grow a pair and do it. There are consequences for every action. Take responsibility.


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