Update on the Heeler Pups

July 24, 2008

I have two minutes to breathe and write an update about the pups. It’s been almost two weeks since I pulled them from BARC. They were stinky dirty, flea infested and had big wormy bellies. After a bath, three vet visits and one trip to a compounding pharmacy, I think they’re going to make it!

Their names are Sydney, Ranger and Shiner. They all had diarrhea which was diagnosed as coccidiosis. They were also sneezing which seems to have just been an upper respiratory thing and nothing more serious. Sydney also had a urine burn on her tummy from laying in a dirty kennel at BARC. I got them dewormed and on appropriate meds for their ailments. Now they’re active and bouncy and playful. Eat and play, eat and play.

I set up their area in a different spot than last time I fostered pups. Last time I fostered pups, I set them up in the laundry area by the back door. There was always a lot of activity and just getting in and out of the house without creating a commotion was difficult. These guys are upstairs in the spare room. I set up two crates side by side sitting on top of the plastic carpet runner stuff. I have a big covered trash can for all of the newspaper they’re going through. I also have separate bins for food, cleaning products, toys and clean newspaper. It’s all very organized. I can transfer them to the clean crate while I clean the dirty one. Plus they have a good sized area where they can tear around and wrestle and climb on me.

Friends and neighbors have been kind enough to reroute their newspapers from their recycle bin to me. I’m sure the free publications in the area appreciate that since before I’d just lift those.

I’m going to try to get some photos of them this weekend if they’ll hold still long enough. They go back to the vet tomorrow for boosters. So far, so good. And my sanity is still intact, for now.


One Response to “Update on the Heeler Pups”

  1. gpfrk Says:

    Are these pups still up for adoption? I’ve just started looking for a Heeler puppy here in Houston and yours was one of the first on a google hit to pop up.

    Please email if possible gary @ mpvent.com

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