Puppies and Mommas

June 2, 2008

I lived in a duplex with a huge live oak tree outside the dining room window when I was in college. One spring, a pair of blue jays nested in that tree. I was thrilled when the eggs hatched and I saw two little blue jays in the nest. One night in their early lives a thunderstorm blew in. One of parents sat on top of them throughout the entire storm with their wings over the nest to protect them. The parents instinctually protected those little ones throughout that storm. The next morning, all birds were safe and soon the babies learned to fly and they all left.

Today at BARC, I came across a number of sweet, exhausted momma dogs with litters of pups. All were doing what they could to keep the little ones warm and safe and fed. Problem is, no matter what those moms do, if a dog foster doesn’t pull the moms and pups, all will be put to sleep within three days of entry into BARC. It’s painful to see the moms work so hard in vain.

If this alone isn’t a testament to spaying and neutering, I don’t know what is.