…or they will be euthanized.

We’ve got seven dogs at BARC whose time is up–they’ve been at the shelter for 90 days. All of these dogs have until 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 27. Please take a look. These dogs have been vaccinated and microchipped and the adoption fee is only $55. There are some that are low heartworm positive, but that can typically be treated with regular doses of heartworm preventative which is what a responsible owner would give their dogs anyway.

1.) UPDATE: ADOPTED! 4/21/08 A879141 Cary Grant: Time up 4/23. He’s a 6 month old shepherd mix; just a sweet young pup. 
2.) UPDATE: ADOPTED! 4/21/08 A879113 Rooney: Time up 4/23. He’s a small (about 25 lbs.) mix, about 2 years old, low heartworm positive. He’s one of those dogs that just makes you laugh…great personality! You either think he’s adorable or funny looking….I really think he’s so cute!
3.) A879286 Thelma: Time up 4/25. Female lab mix, 6 months old. You might guess that there was a “Louise” who was a chocolate girl so she’s been adopted but the poor sweet black labs always get left.


4.) A876999 Duke: His time was up 2 weeks ago…HELP! We really need to get him out asap! He’s 2 years old and only about 40 lbs. and heartworm negative. Just a sweet dog that looks too much like the other BARC dogs for him to stand out.
5.) A879234 General: Time up 4/25. He’s a Shar Pei mix, 1 year old, and low heartworm positive. Really good looking dog with a very Shar Pei face, not aggressive.
6.) A878759 Dexter: His time is up TODAY…we need to get him out ASAP! Male, heartworm negative, 1 year old. Very well behaved in his cage. Nice boy.





















7.) UPDATE: ADOPTED! 4/18/08 A879226 Allie: Time up 4/24. 8 months old, a real sweetheart. Too thin at the moment but she will clean up nicely.
Please help them! Adopt a furry friend. Not ready to adopt? Think about fostering one of these dogs until they can find their forever homes.

I noticed several people have hit my blog searching for rescue organizations for Australian Cattle Dogs (ACDs), blue heelers and red heelers. Strange coincidence since I’m trying to get two Blue Heelers out of BARC and in to rescue. I’m really having a hard time finding any rescue groups in Texas and getting the once I do find to respond to me.

If you’re looking to adopt one of these super smart dogs, take a look a the male and the female currently available for adoption at BARC. I’ve met both of the dogs are they’re very nice. The female is extra sweet and plays well with other dogs. The male is such a leaner (I took those two additional photos of him–one leaning up against my leg!). He walks well on a leash and is just a sweetie.

Check out the cute heeler mix and another heeler mix, too.

These are only four of the many MANY great dogs available at BARC. The shelter is open to the public 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.