Remington January 1, 1998 – March 13, 2008

March 13, 2008

Most adopted dogs have the birthday of January 1, but in Remy’s case, his birthday really was January 1. I adopted him on Valentine’s Day 1998 at the Houston SPCA as a 7-8 week old puppy. He was one in a litter of 4 pointer/terrier mixes that had been surrendered by their owner. He put his paws around my neck when I picked him up. I guess he picked me. He went home with me in a cat carrier.

For the past 10 years, Remy (Remington) has been a perfect dog–sweet, loving, smart. But he’s also has medical issues off and on his whole life. In November 2006, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. He responded well to meds, but hit a point where his little body was no longer responding to them.

Here is a picture of him I took yesterday when we were spending some time outside together. He looks so tired. 

Sweet Remy 031208

Today I put my baby Remy to sleep. While I am suffering from the loss, I know my sweet boy will no longer suffer.


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