Puppy Underground Railroad

November 28, 2007

Puppies and shelters are a bad combination. They have no immunity to the germs and diseases often found in shelters and are often too young to be given vaccinations. Getting puppies out of shelters as quickly as possible is a good thing.

Here’s a way to do just that–and anyone can help. This excerpt is from a recent BARC email:

As some of you might know we were invited to be a part of the North Shore Animal League puppy transport. Yep, they want BARC puppies in NY! Can you believe there is a “shortage” of puppies in the NE? Now, once a month they are transporting a van full of puppies from New Orleans to NSAL in NY. This is to deter people from buying a puppy from backyard breeders and pet stores. We tell you all of this to announce that the first 12 BARC puppies were loaded up last night headed to New Orleans. It was a tight fit, but they were all ready for the adventure! To think they will be playing in the snow in less than 24 hours is crazy! Thanks to the 3 fosters that raised these puppies with love and care! It’s not easy letting your baby travel across the country, but they will make a new family very happy. If you would be interested in fostering puppies for BARC or for the transport please contact Tammie our puppy lifeline coordinator. Or if you would like to sponsor a puppy for the next transport contact Julie. These ladies can fill you in on all the details. If you haven’t heard about NSAL check them out.

Puppies are fostered out of BARC, then transported to New Orleans where they and other shelter puppies make the trip to New York. I’m sure it’s quite an undertaking.

The sponsor transport cost is only $35 per pup and it’s tax deductible! (If you want a tax receipt you can send the money to Friends of BARC and specify the transport.) The next transport should be around Christmas.

Since I’m not in the position to foster or adopt, this, for me, was an easy way to help several dogs in a short amount of time. I sponsored 10 puppies–well worth the money, IMO, to help get these dogs into loving homes.


The Petco on Weslayan is giving away a Astros/Saving Animals 2008 calendar with the purchase of a Petco gift card of $5 or more. It’s a nice calendar with good pics for good cause. Nice gift. You can also purchase the calendars from SavingAnimals.org.

Thank You Poodle Rescue

November 19, 2007

Poodle Rescue of Houston is awesome! The were willing to take in Bonnie and Clyde, clean them up (boy did they need it!), groom them, have them spayed/neutered, treat the little boy for heartworms, and find them loving homes! (I told the director I’d make a donation to cover their them spay/neuter.)

I dropped them off yesterday and they’ve already been given a bath. Poor things have been so flea bitten and neglected over such a long period of time. Their skin is a mess. The director said Clyde could be a poodle or a Bischon and Bonnie is probably a poodle/terrier mix.

Here are some pics from before their extreme makeover. I should be getting another pic once they’ve been all coiffed.

Clyde Looking SweetClyde looking sweet

Bonnie Smiling Bonnie’s all smiles

Poodles on the Loose!

November 17, 2007

I almost backed over two little white poodles pulling out of my driveway Friday morning. The little monsters were running and playing and had no interest in getting caught. I alerted my neighbors through the homeowners association email list–just in case these little pups belonged to someone.

It was so nice to get responses from other concerned neighbors! It seems that several people were on the lookout for them or concerned about their well being.

After work, I took Wrigley for a walk, hoping to spot the Poodles. No luck.

Saturday morning, I decided to make a loop around the park, near the last spot the dogs were spotted. I was in luck! There they were, sleeping under a tree. I was expecting a chase or at least a lot of coaxing, but the let me leash them up and load them into the car–no problem!

After a nap, we went to the vet. We have a male (Clyde) and a female (Bonnie). They’re covered with fleas, but otherwise in OK shape. Clyde is light heartworm positive, but that’s treatable. Neither are fixed. Of all of the animals I’ve rescued, I think only one has been fixed.

I’ll spend the evening contacting Poodle and other small dog rescue to see if I can get these guys placed in a nice foster organization. In the mean time, I hear them snoring. Happy dogs.

More to come about these two…

Bonnie and Clyde lounging

My Husband is Learning!

November 14, 2007

I’m so proud of my husband. He saw the Humane Society’s full-page ad in USA Today urging Wendy’s to stop using eggs from chickens confined to battery cages. He said he’s seen a photo of the cages and it was awful. 

I reminded him of a time at the grocery store when I wanted to buy eggs produced by cage-free chickens and he said no, they’re too expensive. Well, he’s changed his tune now. He wants eggs from happy, free chickens.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?! (Don’t tell him I said that–especially since I’m 2 years older than he is!)

Wrigley, my foster puppy (soon to graduate to foster dog), knows that 5 days a week, my alarm goes off at 6:20 a.m. That means he’ll start stirring around in his crate at 6:10-6:15–like clockwork. If I hit the snooze button even once, he lets me know that’s not acceptable. 6:20 a.m. is potty time.

Daylight savings time ended Sunday morning unbeknownst to Wrigley. My wake up call now begins between 5:10-5:15 a.m. My own 3 dogs are confused–they apparently got the memo about the time change and are very annoyed that I’m making them get up and go outside at 5:20 a.m.