I’m Not a Good Cat Vet Tech

October 31, 2007

Dogs are so easy to give meds to. I can wrap a pill in a piece of cheese and my work is done.

Cats, on the other hand, are another story. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to give a cat medicine. Butter, my foster kitten, is on three different meds at the moment–ear drops and two liquids. Twice a day, I have to administer these. She hasn’t been wholly uncooperative, but you know she doesn’t like it. Well, last night she definitely displayed her displeasure with my medicine administering technique. The ear drops went fine. I was giving her the first of two droppers of the liquid stuff and the minute I squirted it into her mouth she became a whirling buzzsaw of fur and claws. I took a couple of claws across the nose and received two nice bloody wounds. Scars of inexperience. Once we both calmed down and I disinfected, I gave her the second liquid then let her have her space.

This morning went much more smoothly. I hope to give her the remaining two doses without incident.


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