Poop-eating Dogs

September 21, 2007

Seriously. Why do some dogs eat poop? My Golden Retriever, Bailey, has always been a poop eater. I adopted her at two years old. I don’t know if something happened in her puppyhood to cause it, but I do know her previous owners kept her crated a lot–like 12-15 hours a day sometimes.

My vet said there are ways to curb it. She suggested putting pineapple in all of my dogs’ food. It releases an enzyme that makes poop taste bad. Hello, taste bad? Like it’s so damn tasty to begin with?! My solution is to pick it up immediately. Not my favorite backyard task, but it has to be done. Don’t fear it.

Wrigley, my foster puppy, is a poop eater. Makes me sick. I wonder if he learned it by watching Bailey…


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