12 Get Sprung, But There are More

September 20, 2007

There are always more.

The 12 dogs on BARC’s death row all made it to new homes or to rescue groups. Good news. Sounds like Scouts Honor came to the rescue. I’ve seen their name quite often related to last chance dogs. Turns out one of the dogs was a pure bred Portuguese Water Dog–he’s in breed-specific rescue now. The bad news–there are so many dogs at BARC with the clock ticking.

When people in Houston think about adopting a dog, the Houston SPCA is the first place that comes to mind. It’s a nice facility teaming with volunteers and potential adopters. I adopted my first dog from there. It’s clean and pleasant and filled with happy people and happy animals.

BARC is filled with desperate dogs, City employees, and spent volunteers. That, and no one knows it exists.


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