Why Does Everyone Want a Purebred?

September 18, 2007

I started thinking about how easily it seems that my rescued Dacshund will be placed in a new home. I barely hand her off to Dacshund rescue and someone already wants her. She’s meeting her potential new family–who is driving more than an hour to meet her–this weekend. Yet, I’ve had this adorable Lab mix puppy for almost seven months and no one has been remotely interested.

Could it be because people are “brand” obsessed? They define themselves by what they own? Or do they feel some comfort in being able to answer the question “so what kind of dog is that?” Or maybe they grew up with the perfect Brand X dog and thing that the replacement to Brand X will be just like the original.

Why are hybrid dogs are so much more difficult to place? I get frustrated at adoption days having people walk up saying “Don’t you have any <fill in breed type here>?”

Two of my three dogs are purebreds. I didn’t seek them out–they found me. They were unwanted and mistreated. I didn’t want them because I could identify them; I wanted to help them have a better life. I love them no matter what they look like.

But isn’t there something entertaining about that quirky looking mutt that makes you wonder, What the heck are you? Where did you get those silly ears and those big feet and that curly hair? My oldest dog is like that. When I adopted him, my only criteria is that I wanted a big dog. I was told he was a pointer/terrier mix. As a puppy, I guess you could say he was pointer-ish. But at some point in his life, he got really hairy and his nose got quite long and pointy. I haven’t been to a vet yet that says he’s anything except a Greyhound mix.

But all of that doesn’t matter to me. He’s still my bud and has been for 10 years. He doesn’t care that I can’t pinpoint my exact lineage and I don’t care that I can’t pinpoint his.

Hybrids rule.


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