Wandering Weiner Dog

September 6, 2007

Stray and dumped dogs are an all too common sight in my neighborhood. While I’ve never caught anyone in the act of dumping an animal in the park across from my street, I’ve talked to others who have. Last weekend, someone dumped a large black and white dog that appeared to be a Pit mix in the park along with a bag of food. I tried to catch him, but he’d have none of that. A neighbor said he spend most of his time guarding that bag of food. I haven’t seen him in a couple of days and I only hope someone was able to rescue him.

Also last weekend while on my way to a dinner out, I noticed a Dachshund darting around the park by itself. No one was around and this dog was tiny. It was raining–had been all day. At first, the dog wasn’t interested in being caught. She ran into the street and flipped over on her back as if giving up. I scooped her up and put her into the car. I had to sit there a minute and ask myself “What now?” I’m all dogged up at the moment. But I took her to the house, quickly set up a crate, filled it with towels, added a bowl of water, and introduced her to her temporary digs. My foster puppy in the crate next to her was confused. I went on to dinner so I could formulate a plan.

The dog had a collar, but no tags (what’s up with that?!). I could hope that she was microchipped, but I knew that was a longshot. I sent an email out to the homeowners association email list about a lost dog. No response. I posted her on craigslist, too. As a backup, I located a couple of Dachshund rescues online and sent emails.

I don’t deal with small dogs. While I like all dogs, I prefer big ones. I don’t have room for another foster–especially not a small, shivery, needy dog. I took a closer look at her. She was dirty; long-term dirty, not the kind you get from being outside in the rain for a day. She had freaky long toe nails, dirty ears, dirty teeth, and a couple of scabby hairless spots. If that was mange, I couldn’t take her to the SPCA–she’d never be deemed adoptable. I decided to take her to my vet in the morning.

Everyone at the vet loved her. And I don’t blame them–she is quite cute. I pretty much have to carry her everywhere we go. The vet gave her the once over. She’s 10 lbs. She’s 5-7 years old–not too old for a very small dog. No microchip. That’s bad. No heartworms. That’s good. She’s not spayed and badly needs teeth cleaning (which my vet thinks is more important that the spaying at the moment). The bald spots are just hotspots from fleas. More good news.

So now what? I’ve received one return email from one of the Dachshund rescues–they don’t have any available foster homes. I haven’t heard from the others. I’m going to check some more lost and found sites and do some posters. If that fails, then I’ll start bugging Dacshund rescue again. I need to make a flyer for her to post at the vet.

People love small dogs and I’m sure someone will want her. I think I said something like that to myself about people liking puppies–which was how I justified fostering the puppies, one of which is now a teenager. More adventures in dog rescuing…


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