Vick’s Jury

August 23, 2007

I’ve been following this whole Michael Vick thing since the beginning.  Actually, I’ve been following Vick for years. Being a big college football fan, I remember watching him play for VA Tech and being very impressed–thinking that one day he’s really going to make it big.

He did make it big, then, I guess, the “real” Vick came out.  Months ago I wrote a letter to the commissioner of the NFL asking him to repremand Vick, just as any employer would if an employee was accused of such a crime. In return, I received a lame form blow-off letter from the NFL PR department stating that “Any NFL employee proved to be involved will be subject to prompt and significant discipline under our personal conduct policy.” It went on to say “Please see the attached press release from the ASPCA,” which was not attached–obviously they gave a lot of thought to this.

I continue to follow this in the media. Today I read an article with a quote from “fellow doggie disrespecter” Stephon Marbury. He says “…dogfighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors.” Uh, hey dumbass, and it’s illegal, besides being despicable and inhumane. Comments like this shock me.

But I did read an op-ed article about Vick and other athletes “keepin it real” that I thought has some interesting insight.

It’s impossible to find humor in any of this, however, my Mom sent me this cartoon of Vick’s dog jury today. Gotta love it. Vick’s getting off easy copping a plea.

Vick;s Jury--he's screwed!


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