No-Kill Shelters or Animal Warehousing?

August 17, 2007

I don’t like euthanasia. I think it treats the symptom, but not the disease of pet over population. I would love it if one day there was less of a supply and more of a demand for shelter pets. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet–at least not here in Houston. It’s horribly sad and depressing.

I just saw this article about no-kill shelters and whether they’re in the best interest of the animal.

My experience is only in a kill shelter–a high-kill shelter, at that. Shelters aren’t happy, healthy places. I’ve seen animals go literally crazy after just a month in the shelter. What kind of life is that? This makes me wonder if a no-kill shelter is a good idea, especially since animal over population is still such an issue. In theory, I like the idea of a no-kill shelter. I imagine it a happy place where pets stay just a short time until happy, responsible, loving people come to adopt the Pit Bulls and skinny strays and dogs with issues.

I don’t want to see any shelter pets die. Ever. I want them all to be adopted and I want everyone to be good pet parents, to spay and neuter and microchip, to love their pets like they’re part of the family. How long will it take to get there?


One Response to “No-Kill Shelters or Animal Warehousing?”

  1. barrys123 Says:

    I voluntered for a no kill shelter at the fund raising store in 2011. I was very concerned that part of the business was being used as a personal flea market by the members of the organization. Aditionally, there was not an active placement program in place so over 80 animals were being warehoused. My veternarian told me that the organization never answered the phone and never returned calls when there were animals in need of their services.

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