In a previous post (where you can see photos and descriptions of each dog), I mentioned 12 BARC dogs scheduled for euthanasia on September 9. So far, only one has been adopted. If you can help save these dogs (by adopting for fostering), please visit BARC this weekend!

BARC is located at 3200 Carr St, Houston TX 77026. Hours are Mon. – Fri. 11:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday noon – 4:00 p.m.  BARC will be closed Monday for Labor Day.

Please help these guys!


Being a good corporate citizen is something I look for and admire in a business. Amazon does not fall into that category.

Several months ago, I learned that Amazon sells magazines and other publications related to cockfighting. I participated in a letter writing campaign through the Humane Society asking Amazon to stop selling these inhumane publications that support illegal activity. I received a response about free speech. Hey, I’m all for supporting freedom of speech, but supporting cruel and illegal activities? Come on! Don’t hide behind the first amendment to protect your profits.

Any person or corporation who promotes inhuman activities doesn’t deserve my business.

Learn more. Tell Amazon what you think. Don’t shop at Amazon.  Boycott

This is a long, but worthy, post. BARC volunteers have put out a plea to help 12 dogs coming up on their 90 day deadline–literally. I’m posting the email I received today–this includes descriptions and photos of each available dog. As always, it’s a great looking bunch of dogs. The BARC shelter is always full of great dogs!

Can you help save these guys? If you’re not in the position to adopt, think about fostering. If you’re not in the position to foster, volunteer! Walk dogs on the weekends. Tell your friends about the shelter. Convince someone to put a collar on their dog. Promote spay and neuter causes. Donate a couple of bucks. Bring old towels or newspapers to the shelter. You’d be amazed how far your help will go. 

We hate to do it but it is that time again….As you may remember from past emails, BARC (the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care in Houston, TX) can only hold the dogs in the adoption program for 90 days.  At that point, they are set to be humanely euthanized.  They kindly have given us 2 weeks to find homes for these 12 dogs….can you help???  Through previous emails, we have been able to save ALL of the 90 day dogs up for euthanasia in the past.  Can we do it again?  Its up to you, Houston!!  We know you have big hearts!!  12 dogs in 2 weeks…can we do it??

Please read the bios and take a look at the photos of these dogs.  Questions welcome but if you want to get to know one of these dogs, the best thing to do it is to go out to the shelter and meet him or her!  BARC is located at 3200 Carr St. and open to the public Mon-Fri from 11:30-5:30 and Sat./Sun from 12-4.  The adoption fee is only $55 and these dogs are all fully vaccinated,  spayed or neutered, AND microchipped.

Please forward to all of your friends who might be looking for a new dog.  Rescue groups welcome…you only need to show your 501c3 to pull these dogs at no charge.

This a group of real beauties!!! Here we go!!

860137 – Baxter – He’s a really nifty dog that looks and moves like a Portuguese Waterdog. He just needs a good bath/combing.  He’s is a medium to low energy dog.  He gets along with other dogs but he doesn’t like to stay out in the heat that long.  (FYI – The picture on his Petharbor page is the wrong picture.)

860968-Charleston- 8 month old lab/mix. Very playful, loads of fun, wants to do silly things to get your attention.  Volunteer Dog Walker Margaret says, “He gets along with other dogs.  He is medium to medium high energy.  He could benefit from some obedience training.  Definitely needs regular exercise/mental stimulation. He needs a job like being someone’s running/walking buddy.”

861129-Fancy Pantsy- Irish terrier female puppy. This girl is athletic and energetic..did we mention that she LOVES to play ball!  Fancy Pantsy is very high energy and muscular.  She’s hard to walk on a leash and needs training…can you blame her with only a little time out of her kennel each day?  Gets along with other dogs as long as they’re at least as big or bigger than she is.

857053-Fatima- 2 year old Pit/mix. Gentle, curious, and wants to be around people. Very sweet dog.  Margaret says, “Fatima is a high energy dog.  She does respond well to training but needs to be with someone who will be consistent with her.  She needs a home that will continue with the extremely basic training that I’ve started with her (basically teaching her not to jump up on me and not to be mouthy).  She can be dog aggressive but generally can be let out with other dogs.  She does have some separation anxiety so she needs a home where she can be with her people.”

859424-Gong Li- 1 year old Chinese Sharpei. Good natured, curious dog who likes to play, very well behaved.  Gets along with other dogs.  Is medium to medium high energy.  Definitely needs regular exercise/mental stimulation.  He would probably not be a good choice for a family with small children UNLESS the parents are extremely dog savvy and are prepared to work with him on boundaries/structure.

861075-Poteet- 5 month old German Shepherd/mix. Playful, energetic, and very nice personality.  This is a cool, playful dog.  He gets along with and LOVES to play with other dogs.  He also likes to play with people.  He spontaneously will try and play tug of war with the leash when he is being walked.  He is medium to medium high energy so he needs to get exercise/mental stimulation every day.  An active household (people who are into running with their dog/taking their dog to the dog park) would be a good match for him.  He would probably do well in a house with children if the parents were dog savvy and were willing to work with him on developing boundaries/structures (i.e. no jumping on people).

860828 -Sasha- 10 month old german shepherd mix. Young energetic and lots of fun.  She is highly trainable and willing to please.  Volunteer Dog Walker, Nancy (a.k.a. “A Ward Mom”) says, “Poor Sasha is having a hard time being locked up, but she’s really very shy, not the least bit aggressive.  Although she jumps around constantly in her kennel, she doesn’t jump on me at all.   It doesn’t matter who I put her in a play area with, there is never any trouble.  She’s actually very laid back and easy to handle.” 

861415-Sergio- 2 year old tan Chow/mix. Good natured, very affectionate, big teddy bear.  A true SWEETHEART!  He gets along with all kinds of other dogs be they older/younger, bigger/smaller or more aggressive/more submissive than he is.  He is very laid back and low energy.  He does appear to be house trained as he waits to go potty out of his run.  He would do well in an apartment situation since he’s a couch potato kind of dog.

865372 -Soprano- 7 month old female lab/mix. She is very energetic and wants to please.  Could use a little training, but she’s spent a lot of her puppy life at BARC…I’d need training too!

852209 – Freckles is a medium to medium high energy dog.  He usually plays well with other dogs but if another dog is dog aggressive, he won’t back down from a fight.  He wouldn’t be good around small dogs/puppies as he tends to be a bully.  He plays well with Charleston and Gong Li as well as a couple larger dogs.  He would benefit from some basic obedience training. 

ADOPTED 8/31/07  859420 – Jack is high energy.  He usually plays well with other dogs.  He does have a touch of separation anxiety so he needs a home where people will understand that he likes to be with his people and not out in a yard.  He responds well to extremely basic training (ie don’t jump up) but needs more.  He could be a very good dog if someone was willing to spend the time with him and give him the boundaries and structure he needs to thrive.  Jack thinks he is a lap dog.  He is great in the car, but would prefer to ride in your lap instead of the seat if possible!

860280 – Jasmine is a really nice dog.  She gets along fine with other dogs.  She would do really well with a family of her own..fine with kids.

Questions?  Feel free to email or call!  As always,  thanks for looking, caring, forwarding, and crossposting!!!

Kathy Deffebach
BARC Foster Coordinator

Julie Keeton
BARC Foster Coordinator

Choose a winner in the Humane Society’s “Knock Out Animal Fighting Video Contest.” These videos are not for the feint of heart. Two of them in particular are extremely tough to watch. Maybe if more people saw how horribly disgusting and inhumane dog fighting is, they’d get serious about ending this violent abuse.

Something to get involved in: The Humane Society has an Action Network that helps you keep you abreast of state and federal legislation. They also have an automated email campaigns where you can share your views with legislators or business owners about animal issues.

Vick SickI found some more Michael Vick Cartoons. I especially like this one:

Sick Vick cartoon

See more Vick cartoons and some here.

Vick’s Jury

August 23, 2007

I’ve been following this whole Michael Vick thing since the beginning.  Actually, I’ve been following Vick for years. Being a big college football fan, I remember watching him play for VA Tech and being very impressed–thinking that one day he’s really going to make it big.

He did make it big, then, I guess, the “real” Vick came out.  Months ago I wrote a letter to the commissioner of the NFL asking him to repremand Vick, just as any employer would if an employee was accused of such a crime. In return, I received a lame form blow-off letter from the NFL PR department stating that “Any NFL employee proved to be involved will be subject to prompt and significant discipline under our personal conduct policy.” It went on to say “Please see the attached press release from the ASPCA,” which was not attached–obviously they gave a lot of thought to this.

I continue to follow this in the media. Today I read an article with a quote from “fellow doggie disrespecter” Stephon Marbury. He says “…dogfighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors.” Uh, hey dumbass, and it’s illegal, besides being despicable and inhumane. Comments like this shock me.

But I did read an op-ed article about Vick and other athletes “keepin it real” that I thought has some interesting insight.

It’s impossible to find humor in any of this, however, my Mom sent me this cartoon of Vick’s dog jury today. Gotta love it. Vick’s getting off easy copping a plea.

Vick;s Jury--he's screwed!

Visit Houston’s BARC shelter Saturday, August 25, 2007, for the second annual Wags to Whiskers event.  Here’s some info I received by email:

Hello –

This Saturday is the second Wags to Whiskers event at BARC.  If you or any of your friends or family are looking for a new dog or cat BARC is hosting Wags to Whiskers this Saturday from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Come by and meet the cats and dogs, enter for a door prize, bring donations of towels, blankets, etc. and enjoy the sunshine with free food too!  We will also be celebrating the grand opening of the new cat habitat!  The cats can now run and play while they wait to be adopted.

We are in need of volunteers to help us with dog walking, dog bathing and adoption counseling.  The shifts are 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., 1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. or all day 12 p.m. – 4 p.m.  If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail Julie Keeton at

Hope to see you ALL there!

There are so many beautiful, worthy pets at BARC. And unfortunately, not many Houstonians even know about the shelter. Spread the word!

Even if you’re not in the position to adopt, they’re also looking for supplies like blankets, towels, leashes, newspaper, cat litter.

I don’t like euthanasia. I think it treats the symptom, but not the disease of pet over population. I would love it if one day there was less of a supply and more of a demand for shelter pets. Unfortunately, we’re not there yet–at least not here in Houston. It’s horribly sad and depressing.

I just saw this article about no-kill shelters and whether they’re in the best interest of the animal.

My experience is only in a kill shelter–a high-kill shelter, at that. Shelters aren’t happy, healthy places. I’ve seen animals go literally crazy after just a month in the shelter. What kind of life is that? This makes me wonder if a no-kill shelter is a good idea, especially since animal over population is still such an issue. In theory, I like the idea of a no-kill shelter. I imagine it a happy place where pets stay just a short time until happy, responsible, loving people come to adopt the Pit Bulls and skinny strays and dogs with issues.

I don’t want to see any shelter pets die. Ever. I want them all to be adopted and I want everyone to be good pet parents, to spay and neuter and microchip, to love their pets like they’re part of the family. How long will it take to get there?

Sleepy Puppy zzzzzzzzzzz

August 16, 2007

What a lapse in postings. That’s lame. I didn’t want to be a lame blogger. 

My yet-to-be-adopted foster lab puppy, Wrigley, spent his first day in doggie daycare today. He has a lot of energy. I mean he has a LOT of energy. I get home from work, ready to wind down with my old dogs who sleep about 20 hours a day, and Wrigs is bouncing off the wall. He needs activity and playtime and me and my dogs just can’t always provide that.

Wrigs is a good boy and he plays well with others. But still, when I dropped him off this morning for his assessment, I was worried that he may be too rambunctious. I got a call at noon and froze when I answered. I was afraid they would say I’d have to come pick him up. Instead, she just wanted to give me an update–and tell me that he keeps knocking over the water bowl and rolling around in the spilled water. Goofball!

I picked him up after work. He could barely keep his eyes open on the way home. I had to pick him up to take him outside tonight for his potty break. I wonder what went on there today?! It was well worth the 25 bucks.

We’ll see how the night goes. If he manages to sleep all the way through and does OK tomorrow, I’ll probably start taking him in a couple of times a week.

Everyone keeps telling me they can’t believe he hasn’t been adopted yet. I keep trying.