Happy Ending for Miss Scar-let

April 6, 2007

In my last post, I wrote about a potentially unadoptable dog named Scar-let.  Good news. She has been adopted by Leigh, a very nice person I just so happen to know.

Leigh told me that she just had to put her 15 year old dog down. While you could tell it was difficult for her, she knew she gave that doggie a good, long life. She then explained that she had just received the BARC STARZ email and was reading about Scarlet. She immediately called her husband and said that it was a signthey had to adopt Scarlet immediately. I told her that I knew the dog and had spend some time with her. I told her about her sweet demeanor and how I was so hoping she’d get a shot at adoption.

Leigh said that provided Scarlet could get along with her other dogs, she would be a keeper. She picked Scarlet up from BARC on a Saturday morning. Immediately, Scarlet (now called Redd) fit in, except with one dog who apparently gets along with no one! Anyway, she came housetrained already and loves to sleep on the bed.

What a fabulous ending for a dog that may, in some people’s eyes, have been unadoptable. Love it. We need more happy endings.


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