Foster Puppies and How I’ve Turned into a Chew Toy

March 7, 2007

I’d forgotten how much fun but also how much work puppies can be.

Teeth. Baby puppy teeth. I’ve got the rope toys and puppy Nylabones and stuffed toys. Somehow, I end up spending a lot of time saying “NO” to electrical cords, my hair, dog food bowls, my pant legs.  They also aggressively bark at my Rottweiler, which freaks her out. I need to work on that.

Wrigley and Astro–that’s what I’ve named them. The boys of summer. I’ve had these two brothers for a couple of weeks now.  They are silly little monsters. Their Mom was a yellow Lab. These two guys are black with white chests and paws. One looks like a Lab. The other one has short ears and a curly tail. I won’t judge Mom on her indiscretions.

I’ve spent a lot of time cleaning up pee-soaked newspaper. I don’t get the newspaper and haven’t for years. I read news online. However, online news doesn’t help with the puppy situation. I’ve resorted to newspaper grubbing.  I pick up as many of those free newspapers (like the Houston Press, The Greensheet, etc.) as possible. I took a trip last weekend and picked up discarded newspaper in the airport and stuffed it in my suitcase. I felt like a bag lady. But that’s OK. Puppy butts needed it.

Puppy ButtsSpeaking of puppy butts–I’ve been trying to photograph these guys for the HOPE web site. The problem is, they’re wiggle worms and impossible to take picture of.

I hope they can be neutered in a couple of weeks. That means they can go up for adoption. It’s not that I want to get rid of them, but hey, people love puppies! They ‘re cute and fun and a good age. They have their whole lives ahead of them and I hope they get wonderful families who want to shower them with love and spoil them with attention.

I’m glad HOPE has a very thorough screening process–one that I don’t have to be involved in! I rarely think anyone’s worthy of my fosters. 🙂


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