Abby Goes Home, Finally

February 26, 2007

It was a rough several days for Abby, the BARC dog I deemed as the first “one” I would try to save. She was adopted through a Petsmart adoption then returned because she appeared sick.

I was pissed that the adopters returned her. To me, adopting a dog means adopting it with the commitment to caring for it, too–even if you’d just brought her home. You don’t return a dog to the shelter like you’d a damaged item to a store. Anyway, Abby was back in the shelter and in the ward where the volunteers keep dogs who need extra care. The volunteer coordinator and I took turns visiting her during the week, trying to get her to eat, giving her meds.

The first day I saw her, I didn’t think she was going to make it. She was weak and had a far away look in her eyes. She didn’t want to eat or drink. I managed to get her to eat some canned food downed in chicken broth, but not enough food to keep her going. But gradually, she came around with the help of TLC, drugs, chicken soup, and McDonald’s hamburgers. She put on some weight and looked great.


I learned that the adopters planned to kennel her with their other dog while they went on vacation for a week. Well, since Abby appeared sick, the kennel wouldn’t take her and it was Sunday and they weren’t able to get her to the vet before they left on vacation. Apparently, the adopters had a long discussion with the head vet and wanted Abby as soon as they got back.  While BARC doesn’t hold dogs, this was a special case. The adopters were coming Sunday to pick her up.

On my way to BARC Sunday, I stopped by McD’s for sausage biscuits–a little going away present to Abby from me. I took her out of her kennel and we went on a long walk. She then snacked on the sausage biscuit while I brushed her. I had a cute dog bandanna that I put on her. She looked so happy!

Shortly after that, the adopters showed up. They were very excited to see her and take her home. While I’d initially negatively judged these folks, I instantly felt good about them. Abby seemed to feel pretty good about them, too.

Save them one at a time. This was a tough one, but it worked!

I’ve chosen my next “one.” She’s Clover, a cute little mix, maybe a Boxer. I’ve seen her every week that I’ve volunteered and every week I’m shocked she’s still there.

Miss Clover Being Silly


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