How a Pet Supply Drive Restored My Faith in Humanity

February 19, 2007

Everyday, I read horrible, depressing stories about how people treat animals. Over time, it has made me lose faith in people.  But then some days, I’m pleasantly surprised. Saturday was one of those days.

My neighborhood association chose BARC as their charity to support this quarter. I contacted the coordinator to see how I could help–set up, transport stuff, whatever she needed. She seemed happy to have my help.

So the day came. I feared a low turnout. I showed up at the collection spot with a bunch of donations–I wanted to stage them so it appeared to be a good turnout no matter what. I discovered that my expectations were set too low.

People–my neighbors–came in droves with piles of newspapers, paper towels, old bath towels, pet shampoo, canned food, cash, everything you could think of. Two women pulled up in a pick-up and the entire bed was full of donations. At one point, there was a line of people waiting to drop off donations.

What topped off this perfect morning was that people asked how they could do more. If I wasn’t so busy sorting, stacking, greeting, and thanking, I think I would have cried.

Maybe people aren’t that bad after all.


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