Have I lost my mind?!

February 18, 2007

I just agreed to foster two puppies. I have no idea what I must have been thinking.

I received a call from a very nice woman at HOPE saying she was in kind of a desperate situation. She has two puppies that were seized by Ft. Bend County officials from a bad situation and desperately needed someone to foster them. And I agreed.

Twice I’ve fostered with HOPE. Both were good experiences. It’s a good organization that’s run by great people who really help animals and help their fosters. They also very thoroughly screen potential adopters, which is so important.

But puppies?! Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies. But they intimidate me. Puppies can be difficult and time consuming. Adult dogs are so much easier. I always question people who say they want a puppy–particularly if they’re not dog people. A puppy is like a baby. A puppy is a baby! I’ve adopted one puppy in my adult life (he’s now nine years old) and he tested every ounce of patience I had. He chewed, he whined, he peed. It took me months to housetrain him. But he’s really my angel dog now.

I wouldn’t have agreed to foster these two unless I was comfortable with it (or at least that’s what I say now!).

I pick them up tomorrow. Their mom was a yellow lab. These two are little black puffballs, about eight weeks old, both males. No names yet, so I’m going to have to come up with good ones; something worthy. 

Let the puppy adventure begin!


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