Dogs Rule–Free Offers from Pedigree

February 8, 2007

Those Pedigree shelter dog commercials get me all choked up (but I’m kind of a sap, too).

But it does seem Pedigree (owned by Mars Incorporated–the candy people) is putting their money where their mouth is (or at least that’s their spin). I visited their web site and found some interesting offers. If you adopt a dog in 2007, Pedigree will give you a month of free dog food (mail in offer). Excellent offer. You can get a free Dogs Rule T-shirt through the mail with a qualifying purchase. There are also offers to help homeless dogs. Click on the black and yellow Pedigree Adoption Drive banner and they will donate $1 to American Humane.

The one I especially liked was if you donate a 22 lb. bag of dog food to a shelter (through Pedigree’s online store), they’ll match it. The bags are $9.99 each. You do have to select from a shelter on their list. There are a number of Houston-area shelters listed, including BARC (listed as City of Houston Animal).


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